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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Boys Will Be Boys: Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna in 'Rudo Y Cursi'
Written by Washington Post Express contributor Alfredo Flores
Photo by Ivonne Venegas

ARE YOU RUDO or Cursi? Are you the stern, serious type, or the carefree one who falls in love with every woman he meets? "Rudo y Cursi" is the latest project by Academy Award-nominated screenwriter Carlos Cuaron. The film reunites him with his producer brother Alfonso Cuaron and film stars Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna for the first time since "Y Tu Mama Tambien," a 2001 global phenomenon. Here, the Cuaron hermanos have made a film by brothers for brothers, about a sibling rivalry between two humble soccer-playing banana-plantation workers from rural Mexico who rise to futbol fame in the big city, and a hilarious journey along the way. We talked to Carlos Cuaron, 33, about the film in a one-on-one interview in Spanish. » EXPRESS The characters in this film are opposite of the roles Gael and Diego played in "Mama." Why? » CUARON During the press tour of "Mama," I told Diego and Gael, separately, about my concept, and they both wanted to play Cursi. The only problem was that originally there was just one character and two actors, so I created Rudo. Their initial reaction was Gael saying he was a Rudo, and Diego, Cursi. But I told them I don't want make "Y Tu Mama Tambien 2." I wanted something distinct, something new that was different from their natural personae. » EXPRESS Could you have done this movie without them? » CUARON No, because there's a unique chemistry between those two that you can see on the big screen. They've known each other since they were infants, and something very crazy and special happens when they're together.» EXPRESS How did you come up with the character names? » CUARON Alfonso and I were on a family vacation at the Grand Canyon. I was wearing this blue Australian-type hat, and, looking out at the canyon when two little gringo brothers, one about 12, the other 11, said to each other — "Hey, do you think that guy looks tough?" The other, "Nah, he looks corny." And I was like, "Oh, my God. Here I am at 20 years old trying to figure out who I am, and these two little punks define me to perfection in one instance in the Grand Canyon." When I was deciding on names for this project, this was a perfect fit, like a ring on a finger. Tagged in Arts & Events , Film , Weekend Pass

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